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Personal development
The College programme benefits people in the areas of confidence and self-esteem, self-reflection and motivation, and stimulates process learning by raising awareness of how to process and understand information: to interpret, analyse and use it. It fosters new skills, in becoming more relaxed, confident and tolerant, in managing change and stress, in looking at situations from different perspectives, and in being more open-minded and respectful of themselves and others.

The programme focuses on improved health and fitness by involving people in fun and health-related exercises and activities. Participants learn about physical strength and the power of the mind through gentle but focused exercise, encouraging a relaxed rather than tense approach to their environment. Adaptable to all ages and levels of skill, the programme encourages a better understanding of the challenges to body health. It works with breath, posture, balance, responsiveness, energy and flexibility, and is an excellent way of reducing stress and increasing a sense of well-being.

Interpersonal skills
The College programme aims to develop effective interpersonal skills by encouraging assertiveness, sensitivity and constructive criticism and addressing and changing any barriers to learning such as a negative attitude. Partner work in exercises and peer observation encourages communication and negotiation, trust, co-operation and team building; and individuals develop greater participation and reliability in groups, as well as respect for diversity

The College of Chinese Physical Culture has for the past five years offered an innovative and challenging programme of holistic exercise. It uses fun and motivational learning activities to promote lifelong learning in focused and practical areas of personal development, health and interpersonal skills. The programme can bring about immediate short-term benefits and substantial long-term positive change to the individual, the workplace, the family and the community.
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