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The College of CPC achieves another Grade 2, consistently demonstrating the quality of its adult provision
The College of CPC gains recognition for the excellence of its adult provision by achieving a Grade 1
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Project Evaluation Reports

Learning and Skills Council Objectives

The College aims in all its projects to meet the objectives of the Learning and Skills Council. In doing so it

  • uses a unique approach to course delivery which is particularly effective at engaging people
  • delivers a movement, exercise and health-related learning activity
  • offers NOCN accreditation in CPC performance, confidence-building, speaking and listening
  • works with businesses in North Yorkshire to support employees who are lacking basic and key skills and/or have not participated in accredited learning within the last 3 years
  • promotes the benefits of life-long learning; it increases participation and access to adult learning
  • gives beneficiaries a positive experience of learning
  • motivates beneficiaries to want to improve their basic skills and/or access further and higher level certificates.
National Health and Social Policy Guidelines

The College constructs projects appropriate to many groups considered at risk by National Service Frameworks, including those concerned with

  • heart disease
  • mental health
  • older people.

Projects centred on community-based programmes have responded to the guidelines for Minority Ethnic Communities, for example, by constructing projects where participants

  • learn new English language words in a fun environment
  • learn to pronounce unfamiliar words
  • have the opportunity to speak and practise those words
  • learn to listen effectively
  • learn to respect diversity.

The College also builds and delivers projects responding to the guidelines for People with Physical Disabilities, that

  • are inclusive
  • work with and alongside other agencies
  • are facilitated on-site so that learners have easy access and are in an appropriate environment
  • have flexible programmes that are client-centred
  • develop practical skills such for easier movements
  • develop counting skills
  • incorporate team-based exercises, ensuring the participants interact with other.

Department of Education and Employment Policy Recommendations

The College designs and implements projects that, among other areas, have responded to the guidelines for Workforce Development from the Performance and Innovation Unit. These projects have had a direct beneficial effect on important aspects of People Management such as

  • managing absenteeism
  • encouraging creativity
  • increasing motivation
  • building a team
  • dealing with conflict
  • realising empowerment
  • solving problems
  • coping with stress.

The College of Chinese Physical Culture has for the past five years offered an innovative and challenging programme of holistic exercise. It uses fun and motivational learning activities to promote lifelong learning in focused and practical areas of personal development, health and interpersonal skills. The programme can bring about immediate short-term benefits and substantial long-term positive change to the individual, the workplace, the family and the community.
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